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Thank you for your interest in joining the United States Chapter of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA-USA)!

We represent the largest national section of AICA International with over 450 distinguished critics, curators, scholars, and art historians working throughout the United States. As part of the international organization, we benefit from a global reach in presence. AICA-USA is intent on international communication, elevating the values of art criticism as a discipline, and acting on behalf of the physical and moral defense of works of art.


Step by step guide for applying for AICA membership:

1. Complete the online application form

2. AICA-USA will review your application and request additional information if needed

3. If approved, your application will be sent to the International office for approval during the biannual meeting in either April or November

4. If approved by AICA International, you will receive your welcome letter and membership card

5. You will be asked to pay a $115 annual membership fee starting in January of the following year

Your qualification for membership will be determined through the above application process. All applicants must produce evidence of sustained activity over the past three years in one or more of the following areas: 

·       Daily/periodical press, or broadcasting on radio, TV, video, or digital media

·       Publication of works of art history, aesthetics, or criticism

·       Teaching of art criticism, art history, aesthetics, or curating at a University level, accompanied by additional professional activity

·       Curatorial work and analysis for educational or scholarly ends, including the production of scholarly or critical texts for museums or galleries, whose principal aim is not essentially commercial 

Upon completion, your application will be reviewed by both AICA-USA and AICA International.

Please contact with any questions.